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Imrei Shefer
Lectures by: Shifra Rabenstein

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About Imrei Shefer

About Imrei Shefer

The phrase “imrei shefer” translates as “words of beauty.” It first appears in the blessing our forefather Yaakov gives to his son Naftali in parashas Vayechi. In Bereisheis 49:21, Rav Shimshon Rafael Hirsch expounds on the nuances of the phrase and translates it as “beautifully constructed speeches”. Naftali’s charge is not so much to articulate his own original thoughts, but to take those of others and reconstruct them in pleasing form that they may be that much more appreciated and accepted for the community’s benefit.

Shifra Rabenstein, whose first name shares the root of “shefer”, furthers Naftali’s mission. She presents shiurim on Torah from a variety of sources by borrowing the ideas and interpretations of great teachers throughout Jewish history and transmitting them to her growing audiences in a manner that renders them both meaningful and relevant.

Mrs. Rabenstein received her B.A. in Judaic Studies from Stern College and a Masters degree in School Administration from Johns Hopkins University. Residing with her husband and three children in Baltimore, she currently teaches at the Maalot seminary and Bais Yaakov High School. She is also a lecturer at the Frieda K. Hirmes Women’s Institute of Torah, a facility for ongoing adult education.

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Ahavas Chinom
Bitachon TOO
Cavod Chaverim
Chesed: When Bad Things Happen to Good Intentions
Family Dynamics: In-law Relationships in Tanach
Fostering Self Esteem in Children
Klal Yisroel & Eretz Yisroel,The Great Connection
Motherhood; Hoping and Coping
Olam Hafuch: Our Mixed Up World
Preparing for Yom Kippur 1
Preparing for Yom Kippur 2
Purim: Seeing Beyond the Walls
Surviving the Challenges of Our Surroundings
Teachers as Parents & Parents as Teachers
Tefilla: What’s the Point?
Tznius: Unveiling the Secret of Jewish Modesty
Unconditional Love
Yocheved: The Redemptive Power of Women


Secrets of the Haftorah (a series)
1 Introduction & Rosh Chodesh: Priorities and Values
2 Parshas Lech Lecha: Emunah & Nisyonos, Don’t Let Go
3 Parshas Vayeira: Miracles in Our Lives
4 Parshas Chayei Sarah: Ensuring the Continuity of Our Traditions
5 Parshas Toldos: The Jewish People Live On
6 Parshas Vayeitzei: Teshuva & the Rewards of Achdus
7 Parshas Vayishlach: Yakov vs Eisav/Yisroel vs Edom
8 Shabbos Chanukah #1
9 Shabbos Chanukah #2
10 Parshas Vayechi: Last Will & Testament
11 Parshas Yisro: Just Do It!
12 Parshas Shekalim: A Communal Effort
13 Parshas Terumah: Giving and Taking
14 Parshas Zachor: The War Against Amalek
15 Parshas Hachodesh: Focusing on the Finish Line
16 Parshas Acharei/Kedoshim: Promise of Return to E”Y
17 Parshas Emor: Preparing Spiritually for Yom Tov

Interpersonal Relationships 1 Taught through Parshas Kedoshim
Interpersonal Relationships 2 Honesty and Integrity
Interpersonal Relationships 3 What You’re Really Thinking
Interpersonal Relationships 4 Protecting Privacy
Interpersonal Relationships 5 Grudges and Revenge

Vayikra 1 Introduction to Korbanos
Vayikra 2 Relating to Korbanos
Vayikra 3 Inauguration of the Mishkan
Vayikra 4 Kashrus
Vayikra 5 The Yoledes
Vayikra 6 Physical Afflictions, Spiritual Messages
Vayikra 7 Kedushah and Morality
Vayikra 8 Kedoshim Tihiyu
Vayikra 9 Love thy Neighbor as Thyself
Vayikra 10 Shemita

Bamidbar 1
Bamidbar 2 Counting the People
Bamidbar 3 Nazirite
Bamidbar 4 The Complainers
Bamidbar 5 Waters of Dispute
Bamidbar 6 Menorah/Chanukah
Bamidbar 7 Bnos Tzlafchad
Bamidbar 8 Requesting Aver Hayarden

Devarim 1 Introduction
Devarim 2 Tefilas Moshe
Devarim 3 Shabbos/Shamor Vezachor
Devarim 4 Ahavas Hashem
Devarim 5 Fruits of the Land

Devarim 6 Tzedakah
Devarim 7 Navi Sheker
Devarim 8 Children of Hashem
Devarim 9 Emunas Chachamim

The lecture series is constantly being updated. Check back often for an updated list.